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Moving great lengths to bring value add solutions

Aphelion Solutions provides the leading edge advisory and consulting in Organisation Change Management and Training Programme Development for SAP implementations. We believe SAP implementations are the largest intervention an organisation can undertake, and if managed poorly will results in direct loss in employee confidence, attrition, and eventually loss in revenue effecting the bottom line.

At Aphelion Solutions we are focused on delivering results which will be benefit your organisation. Our effort is not only to deliver results that assist in the stabalisation of SAP quickly and smoothly, but we are also passionate about delivering real value add that will help the organisation to prosper post implementation. We move great lengths to bring value add solutions.

Aphelion's Core Values

We aim to provide the following elements in all our engagements

  • Integrity
  • Customer Orientation
  • Dedication to Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
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