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Our approach to Organisational Change Management

Organsational Change Management is about managing the people side of projects and has a direct correlation to the success or failure of an SAP implementation project.

During SAP implementations, organisations undergo refinements revisions and re-engineering of business process which can results in marked shifts to the company structure, procedures and policies. Managing the change that will effect people and how they react to the change is fundamental to the success or failure of an implementation.

SAP implementations can impact underlying processes of an organisation requiring a comprehensive and holistic approach to change management . The changes taking place should not only be understood but adopted to bring about the expected Return on Investments. From market research it is evident that poorly run or lack of an effective change management programme results in failure in adoption and acceptance of the newly implemented system and outright abandonment of the systems.

At Aphelion Solution understand the efforts needed to manage change resulting form SAP implementations, we have highly seasoned Organizational Change Management consultants who can help deliver the right SAP change management programme tailored to the impending change and in line with the organisations culture. Our focus is to ensure your investment in SAP is visualised quickly, thereby giving a higher chance of success.

What we offer

At Aphelion Solutions we a methodical approach to Organisational Change Management which ensures that we consistently provide the same level of service time and time again. An overview of the activities covered in our methodology include the following:

  • Managing stakeholder communities
  • Engagement and soliciting high level sponsorship
  • Building organizations change capability
  • Generating awareness
  • Developing Risk Assessment & Mitigation programmes
  • Alignment of Organisation to new change
  • Ensuring End User readiness


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