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“Often one of the most neglected areas in SAP implementations is
effective Organisational Change Management – With Aphelion's
OCM toolkit the process of managing change become that much easier”

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Aphelion OCM Toolkit

Aphelions Organisational Change Management toolkit provides a comprehensive set of guides, accelerators and templates to enable managers, project teams and consultants who are engaged in delivering change programmes. The toolkit includes detailed planning steps to guide your through the change process.

Aphelions OCM Toolkit will allow you to:

  • Manage the people side of change within an implementation cycle
  • Develop a comprehensive Organisation Change Management Strategy & Charter
  • Create a Change Sponsorship structure with the organisation
  • Create an effective communication plan
  • Assess Risks and Develop Risk Mitigation plans
  • Develop Process & Job Role impact Assessments
  • Disseminate an effective set of campaigns to sell change
  • Provide methods of re-enforcements

OCM Toolkit

What the Toolkit includes::

  • Overviews
  • Guidelines
  • Accelerators
  • Templates
  • Assessments
  • Samples

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