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"For any Organisational Change Programme, the critical point is getting
the message out to the larger audience, at Aphelion we have a toolkit
specially designed to give you a head start in producing high impact
and visual communications”

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Aphelion Communication Toolkit

Aphelions Communication toolkit is designed to provide a range of mediums you can use to disseminate critical information. The communication arm is the most important element in the Organisational Change programme and requires project managers, change managers and agents to have access templates and tools to quickly put together effective messages and publish to wider audience.

What the toolkit will provide is as follows:

  • Series of guides on when, how and how often to use variety of communication medium
  • Templates that can be modified to use immediately
  • Assessment questions that can be integrated into any competitions
  • Outlines for design of project and post go-live support websites*

    • Aphelion can provide a customisable Content Management System upon request.

Communication Toolkit

What the Toolkit includes::

  • Guidelines
  • Templates
  • Samples

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